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Why Wim Vermeulen is making this documentary

This documentary is the work of four men, linked by their love of communication and visual language. One of them is Wim Vermeulen, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at the Belgian communication agency BUBKA.

He is convinced that companies have an important role to play in the shift to sustainability. Advertising helps with that. After all, it ensures behavioral change.

"People started buying organic products the moment they communicated about it. This is how it will be with sustainability. We have a responsibility. The advertising industry spends 700 billion dollars annually on advertising messages. If more attention is paid to sustainability, the shift will go a lot faster. "

Wim also focuses on SMEs. After all, they form the majority of companies. "If we get this layer of companies, you are taking a big step. Hopefully our documentary will help with that."

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